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Kraken, Cryx Colossal

Chaos Warhound Titan


Chaos Space Marine Raptor vs. Imperial Guardsman


Cult of Oxydious


Space Wolves Dreadnought



Voilà! The Dwarf Lord is finished, and so is the dying vermin at his feet.

This started out as an exercise in painting skin, using Darren Latham’s excellent tutorial. Doing a clean, vivid, caucasian skin tone can come about in a limitless number of ways, but this is probably my new favorite. 
Darren still uses the old (and in some cases really old) GW paints, but I wanted to try and translate the recipe to the new range.
My substitute for Bronzed flesh is Bestigor flesh, instead of Elf flesh I used Kislev flesh, and so on. 
I think it works pretty well, and I 
recently used the same method on one of the new Tempestus Scions to good effect.

For the base I wanted something green, but I also really like to use slate, so there you go. I especially love the moss, I’ll be using that a lot more.

The dead – or dying, as it were – Skaven model is from Mordheim, it’s one of those “casualty” sculpts GW sometimes does, and used to do more of.
I have two more Skaven, plus a couple of human mercenaries, and then there’s all the old metal Guardsmen casualties, some new plastic ones for The Hobbit, the Space Marines ones…
Anyway, I absolutely love them and this was a fun way to use one of the Skaven to give a nice narrative to an otherwise very static model. 

There’s more on our Facebook page and Coolminiornot.
Hope you like it! 



Blood Axe Grot Scout.

Here’s a quick n’ fun mini that I’ve wanted to do for a long time! Just a simple weapon swap conversion of a Forge World Grot crew-member… check out the pre-paint wip pics here! I really enjoyed painting this a lot, it went pretty quick for one, but it’s also such a clean sculpt that gives the painter a lot of  opportunity to play around with gradients etc… at the same time though the mini is pretty small and it’s always fun to challenge yourself to paint smaller, finer, crisper!

I’ve had this simple conversion idea for years, ever since I saw the original sculpt I always pictured him holding something other than a kannon shell. I’m really happy to have finally gotten around to do it and I’m pretty happy with how he turned out!

Check him out on coolminiornot!